The secret of success consist in the help given to others


Optimum Services & Solutions is focused to develop new capabilities to support new partners.


Optimum Services & Solutions will establish new supplier relationships to satisfy client needs.


The biggest challenge for OEM suppliers in the region will be cost effective maintenance of existing turbines, equipment and installations.

Optimum Services & Solutions can provide cost effective maintenance service support and has already entered into agreements with OEM providers.

Integrated solutions –solving different issues in one visit-one stop turbine (the largest cost is typically site mobilization – when multiple services are performed, MOB/DEMOB cost to any one OEM is drastically reduced).
Quality assured respecting Clients procedures & ISO standards.

  • Quick response to service issues

  • Reduced cost of service

  • Prompt professional service

  • Spare parts stock using only original components

  • Flexibility

Our partners

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